No Fury Like A Book Lover Scorned

By the way, when I was trekking across Toronto, I happened to find myself near several Indigo Books and Music, the uber (and only) chain bookstore left in Canada.  In one instance, as I walked through one of the connecting hallways of a shopping complex, there was a inset display for Indigo behind glass.  I walked passed it, stopped, and walked back to look again.

Can you see the book in there?  I almost missed it.  

I’m not sure who to be angry with, now that I think about it.  Should I be mad at the Company for pimping nearly anything and everything but books?  Or should I be mad at the consumer that just doesn’t read, and needs to be lured in with goodies and accessories?  There were two of these displays, side by side, showing near the exact same thing.  Why not, oh, I don’t know, advertise books? Even music?  Perhaps its easier to make an attractive display based on lifestyle stuff, but I just see it as wasted potential.  Why not promote the current blockbuster titles?  Set up genre displays? Talk about new and upcoming releases?  

There are fifty other stores in that same mall selling nearly all the same lifestyle stuff, the cutesy bags and hot water bottles and cozy tea blends and probably even the pictured coffee-table book, so why is this the display they choose to make for a book and music store?   

I’m sorry, that’s right.  We don’t read books anymore.  We enjoy a book-reading lifestyle.  You’ll need a backpack to have all your gear ready to read!  

Is there room for the book in there?  No?  Don’t worry.  We’ll bring the book next time.


2 thoughts on “No Fury Like A Book Lover Scorned

  1. Yes, welcome to the world of corporate book-selling. This is the price we pay for the loss of those little indie stores we used to love so much (now long gone). The big boxes offer cappuccino bars, posters, CD’s and DVD’s and, y’know, those book things. The staff don’t know your favorite author and the poetry section is as tiny as a lawyer’s heart.

    Sad, innit?

  2. scribofelidae

    It is. And it’s why I don’t feel guilty buying at anymore.

    There is one store in Toronto: the Bakka-Phoenix Science Fiction Bookstore – independent, devoted, passionate. If I thought my home town was large enough to support a store like that, I’d offer to open up a franchise here in their name and in their honour.

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