Weird Coincidences

Having finally finished reading Joe Abercrombie’s The Blade Itself (good, though the edge was dull for me as I knew it was the first of three books), I’ve started two more: The White Pipes by Nancy Kress (a used bookstore find) and The Best of the Best, a 20-year retrospective of the best science fiction stories as chosen by anthologist Gardner Dozios. Kress herself is in the collection. The well-worn paperback is in my bag, while the anthology is on my nightstand; one for travel, one for bed. Both have been in my to-read pile for a while (mostly ’cause it’s gotten so big!) and I’m enjoying them both.

And as I’m catching up on all my RSS feeds, I come across a post by Nancy Kress herself on her blog about the very same anthology, which she will be using as a text in her upcoming course at the University of Leipzig.

Weird, wonderful coincidence.

I’m stuck on Chapter Four. Still. Again. Which is why both my reading and my journalling has sky-rocketed. As usual.


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