A Metronome of Procrastination

Yeah. Back on FireFox (mostly out of lust for Chrome, which is not yet available for the Mac) and this ScribeFire add-on. I always did like this program, and missed it when I went back to Safari (still elegent).

Why the switch back? I managed to hunt down all those other applications that had left their cookie-crumbs in my hard-drive, allowing me a pristine install. I’m back to perfection.

In the meantime, I’ve finished Chapter Three of Spirit Cats, where I normally stop writing my novels, and committed to Chapter Four. I’m trying something new, mind-mapping my chapters before writing them. It worked well for Chapter Three, and I’m using it to get over my glaze-eyed, Chapter Four block.

Not sure how I tag entries yet. Still learning ScribeFire.


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