Progress In Teeny Bite-Sized Pieces

After pissing and moaning and generally procrastinating, I finally got down to typing in my notes for Spirit Cats from this past week.  I’ve blown whatever time I might have had to write new material on my ‘weekend’, but I made some changes here and there, added a teeny bit, and went back and corrected the smart-quotes on the documents I had imported earlier.  (Something that will need to be done with SparrowKing someday … arg … some 80,000 + words with nary a quotation mark in the whole thing, thankyouverymuch Liquid Story Binder.)  

While fixing the quotes, I re-read a bunch.  Surprised to find how sassy I had started the M.C., and how much I liked it like that.  She’s sorta being hammered on both sides in Chapter Three, so I can’t blame her for not being her normally semi-snarky (entirely stereotypical?) self?

It was about 1,400 words, which is something.  Not a lot, certainly not NaNoWriMo levels, but it’s something.  It’s more than I had last week.  I’m pushing myself to write more at work, even if it’s only a sentence, a paragraph.  I have to get back to writing every day.  And watching it slowly build up is encouraging.  I’m writing down how many words I manage to eke out every day.  Overall, my story is at about 14,250 words, including all the ‘snippets’ that will be incorporated into the novel.  (I guess I can call it a novel now.)

Still, it felt good to get it all down in the computer.  

Which reminds me, I need to start figuring out a backup routine. 


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