FireFox Fizzle

I must be OCD, just a little.

I had downloaded a newsreader program for Firefox and, in using it, decided I didn’t like it.  But when I removed it, it left this folder behind in the bookmarks menu that could not be removed.  I could rename it, but I could not delete it – and it was impossible to ignore.

So, back to Safari I went.  It does what I need it to do, and the integration with Mail means that until I can find a way to get rid of that little file (uninstalling FireFox and reinstalling it brought it back up with the existing plug-ins), I will stick with Safari.

That’s the one thing I haven’t manage to learn with the MacBook.  Where stuff is.  I know in a general sense, but little naggling files, those I have a hard time tracking down.  Go fig.

Meanwhile, all my handwritten notes for Spirit Cats, going back to June, which was the last time I really wrote at work, have been entered.  It’s all fresh from here.


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