It’s Mine

Okay, so, technically I shouldn’t even have it right now. But here I am, my fingers gliding across a snow-white keyboard, luxuriating in a purchase that I’ve dreamed of for years and years.

Yes, I have the MacBook now.

Six months early, true, but there is still the payment to be made, still six months of no book buying, and, really, no allowance.

I had a devil of a time trying to set up the wireless, but that’s only because I had the wrong IP address information. I wasn’t successful in hooking up the MacBook directly to my old PC via an ethernet cord (I suspect I hadn’t set the proper file sharing permissions in either machine) but in the end it proved not needed. It was far easier to import all my necessary data into the MacBook and start using it right away than I anticipated. I thought I had days ahead of me of finicky tinkering, but I was done by the afternoon.

I did purchase Scrivener, which so far has been awesome. I’ve only imported one story, the current one, Spirit Cats/The Last Witch. Very simple, very elegent. Auto-formatting for things like scripts and comics. It wouldn’t be a lie to say that I spent $1500 to use a $40 program. Beyond Scrivener, though, I’ve been pleased with how effortless and how quick everything is. The computer is ready for me to use far sooner than the PC ever was – I regularly catch myself waiting, only to realize that, yes, the MacBook has finished booting up already. And I’m hunting through the freeware haunts for applications – right now my eye is on Journler to replace Microsoft’s OneNote.

I have already felt the pinch of no book-buying, however – no paper manuals came with the system. It’s fairly easy to pick up, but I like having that physically-handy, dead-tree reference. Inter-library loan is my friend.


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