The Bet

Todd has challenged me. I wasn’t sure if I would take him up on it, as tempting an offer as it was, but it wasn’t until he crossed the line that I said, with complete conviction, “Oh yeah. It’s on.”

I speak of the MacBook; long have I lusted, long have I eschewed.

Honestly, I forget how we got to it, but in a teasing blurt, Todd said, “I bet you couldn’t go without buying books. Or magazines. In fact, if you can go until Christmas I’ll buy you a MacBook.”

My heart fluttered, but was torn.

My computer, after all, is working now. Mostly. Still pokey on occasion, but working. Did it make sense to get a MacBook now? And what about all the file transfers I’d have to do, from programs like Microsoft’s OneNote to Liquid Story Binder? And I’d already made peace with not buying a MacBook, saying to myself, “Next generation, a few years down the road. Wait. Be sensible. Stop torturing yourself.”

So I waffled with it, knowing that I can easily make it, but wondering whether I should. I upgraded to the iPhone (a delightful device), have been a fan of the design and usefulness of Macs for a long time (had an old Mac for a little while, as well as being thoroughly in love with my iPod), and there is always Scrivener to think (dream) about.

Then my Locus magazine subscription renewal arrived in the mail. “Would this count? It’s not like it was my fault it had come due now.”

“Yes, it counts,” he taunted, with a shit-eating, so-sure-I’d-break, grin. “No Locus.”

My eyes narrowed. “Fine. I know what I’m getting for Christmas.”

There is no possible way I can lose this challenge. With a stack of 50 paperbacks and hard covers nestled into my nightstand, endless podcasts and access to Interlibrary Loan, I know without a shadow of a doubt, not an inkling of waffling, that this will be done. Conscript my allowance as you like, but there is no way I can lose.

It’s only a matter of getting it in December, or now.

‘Cause now it’s on my mind – constantly. And I’ve ratcheted up the counter-bugging, since Todd’s been teasing me, planting bookstore locations into my phone’s GPS, that sort of thing. I make comments about what I’ll have to do when I get it, planted a desktop wallpaper of a black MacBook on this PC, even stuck an Apple sticker on the back of it – that sort of thing. I normally laugh at his teasing, but just as often I look at him and say, “You’re crazy for doubting me. I will have this MacBook, and it will be glorious.


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