I’m switching back to Liquid Story Binder.

Why? Originally I left the program because I played too much with the ‘goodies’, all the little settings and preferences, getting nothing done. I’m a tweaker, I’ve come to realize, a fiddler, a noodler. I thought a bare-bones program like PageFour was just what would cure those time-wasting urges.

But again and again I missed those LSB features. I missed the proper outlines. I missed being able to make side notes to myself. I missed the image gallery. I missed the dossiers. All-in-all, PageFour became pretty much the old (and defunct?) Microsoft Office Binder program – clipping together word documents into a single window. Which, great, but … not what I had before.

I’ve also had a hell of a time importing and exporting documents with PageFour. With my computer going up and down several times, I had to install the program just as often, and moving files, making backups and getting the new PageFour to easily recognize them has been difficult. It’s very possible that I’m just not doing something right, but normally these things are intuitive enough for me to figure it out on my own. Instead I had two panic attacks when I thought I’d lost recent work and then two low-grade headaches getting the files imported and then sorted out, one at a time.

Not that LSB can’t leave you spoiled (and bewildered) for choice, but I feel more comfortable over there and know now that there are features it has that I can’t live without. In the literary sense, of course.


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