At Long Last, Research Day!

Yes, once more I have fiddled with the template. I am never satisfied; I chose a green one last night, but when I checked the posts I had made with Live Writer previously, they had lost the line spacing between paragraphs. After trying to manually reinsert them without success, I changed the background template.

Anyway, today is research day. I’ve had these books from the library for way too long, I can’t renew them anymore, and it’s about time I got down to it. No more procrastination, besides this wee post. I have no more emails to read (in my primary account), my blog reader is empty, web comics visited, dog walked early this morning, and there is some sort of food sitting in my belly. The goal is to give these books a good skim for interesting ideas and then drop them off tonight.

Then, after research, write-write-write-write-write!


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