Everything Seems Normal …

I’m getting comfortable with the word ‘seem’, as I just can’t trust that the computer isn’t going to crash in some new, bizarre way in a few days.

In fact, some things have turned out better. I was never able to get Windows Live Writer to work with Blogger before (at least not without numerous settings tweaks and strange formatting errors) and I was seriously debating whether or not I should try this time. I figured, why not, and had hunkered down to mess with the settings, but it auto-detected everything for me, and this will be the second entry I’ve made using the program. Very, very sweet. I can blog without pulling up a browser and all of the distractions there.

And see, did you notice that? I left my computer for over an hour, did housy-stuff, and came back and lo and behold, Live Writer was waiting for me. Nifteroo.

Today – research for Spirit Cats. More grazing through some assembled materials for ideas, triggers, sparks, what-have-you.


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