Gave Me A Scare

The computer arrived with a note saying that they had replaced the motherboard and all should be well.

And it was … for a day. I happily went about reinstalling, updating and transferring all my files, until the Disk Check crash hit me and hit me hard. I was back on the Live HP Chat this morning at around 6:00 am, where a gentleman named Perry advised doing another System Restore (which I had done before sending the machine up).

Now, I haven’t restarted the system yet, but I did finally run a Disk Check all the way through without crashing and everything seems stable. Seems.

All I know is that if it bounces on my again, third time is the charm and I will be burying this thing in the back yard. It has been utterly torturous these last few weeks. I want it to be over with. I want to be able to trust the computer. I want to not waste any more of my days off or my nights reinstalling and configuring all my files.

But all seems well. Seems. We shall see.

Tomorrow I do some fun research for Spirit Cats. I’ve had books out from the library since the computer crash, and tomorrow I am getting to them, even if I do it with pen and paper.


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