Alive? No, Life Support

Wouldn’t turn on at all this morning. After retrying a few times, Todd suggested popping out the battery, let it sit, pop it in, turn it back on. This time I got the HP load screen directing me into safe mode. Wouldn’t really let me do any hardware checks, so I reloaded in normal windows and I’m here, online, but for how long?

Having backed everything up, I’m much calmer about this.

I tried the live HP chat, and the guy was very helpful. I heard a lot of what we’re supposed to say at my job to the inbound client calls – he hit all the right notes – and the guy offered me a free repair, even though I’m outside the warranty window. (Whether he made a special case, or if this is how they regularly do it, I don’t know.) He said we’d tried all the things to try, and that it was a motherboard issue. I’ll receive a mail-in box in a couple of days, and it should take a week and a half before it’s returned, good as new.

Which reminds me of my old Daewoo, my first computer. The company doesn’t even make computers anymore … hehehe … but after having a candle burning near my computer melted the keyboard contacts on the left side of my laptop, I had to mail it away for repairs. Good as their word, too. Here’s hoping HP can work the same magic.

Off to drown my sorrows in Okami and Katamari.


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