It’s alive! It’s A-LIVE!

We ran scan disk and a memory test, and the computer self-repaired a bunch of things and then, with a whisper and a bell tone, came back to life.

I’ve fully committed myself to the computer. A second wedding. I’ve even bought a relationship book (Windows Vista The Missing Manual) to make sure I do thinks right the second time.

I’ve actually learned quite a bit for the whole day that I’ve had it. Of course, Todd tells me that he knows all of the little tidbits blurt out excitedly. But they’re new to me. It’s not like I had no idea how to use Vista – I’ve been happily using Vista for a little over a year now – but I was using it the most minimal, almost accidental, way. Now, I’ll be able to take over the primary tech support role, without having to rely on Todd, and even be able to help at work knowing how to help high speed internet customers with Vista.

So, all good, all around.

Thank goodness.


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