Can You Say … Catastrophic?

I knew you could! Say it again, kids. Catastrophic Hard Drive Failure.

Bear with me. My laptop has decided to commit suicide. We found it surrounded by pills and booze, but we managed to get it into intensive care. We have it hooked up to life-support, and we’re waiting for it to tell us why … why … what did we do?

Todd’s grabbed a device from work that lets him attempt to rip the information off the hard drive. I say attempt because he’s had problems using it on laptops at work, but I also say attempt because for the entire day my laptop has resisted all attempts at fixing itself. I couldn’t find the restore disks that I know I burned. And whatever arcane rituals Vista has built into it have conjured no solutions – it would offer to load up Vista Repair or load as normal, and neither would load. The first time we tried to rip the data, the device crashed. Now we’re trying to pull everything out piece by piece, folder by folder. We have My Documents saved, I think, which covers my writing. Todd’s working on the My Photo files, though it’s crashed twice in the attempt. Then we try for My Music, then My Downloads.

And Todd teased me, having loaded up the Apple Store page with MacBooks. Arg.

After having sung the praises of Vista for the 14 months I’ve had the computer, I’m a little annoyed to say the least. Right now I’m cracking this out on my old laptop, which will have to be my home-away-from-home until this mess gets sorted out. After we get the data, we will try an internal restore, and if that fails … getting a new hard drive from HP? Or something.


What have I learned? I’m creating a proper back-up system. I am getting a box. It will have a CD case with the restore disks and any related hardware CDs, it will have the numbers to call for technical support, and it will have regular back-ups of data, as well as a label. I will never, NEVER AGAIN GET STUCK LIKE THIS.

Never. I promise.


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