Mind Mapping

Which, can also be another form of writing-avoidance; it’s a syndrome, my new four-letter word.

However, it has been both fun and illuminating. There’s nothing more fun than sitting down with some blank paper, a host of colored markers and pencil crayons, and just playing with your brain. I started out putting WRITING in the middle of the sheet and branching out from there. You’re supposed to let your mind go, and then after a while look for associations, look for links, look for patterns. After playing with it, I had sections about Story Building, World Building, Tools, Form, Mood, Distractions, Unblocking, and so on.

Then I realized I didn’t have a section for writing, the actual act of it, and the desired outcome. So I added that, somewhat sheepishly, and then continued on, defining branches, making comments, and looking it over.

And then I realized that the hastily added omission wasn’t even connected to anything. It was all by itself in the corner. It should be such a stupidly obvious link, from A to B to C, but here they were, separate. Hell, I even had it going under and around the Story Building branch, as if one was a Mollusk and the other a Bird of Paradise on an evolutionary chart.

That’s the whole point of these mind-mapping exercises. To let your mind wander in a way other than it normally does, to let it free associate, let the subconscious mind flex its veal-like muscles so that the analytical mind can say, “Well, don’t these go together?”

They haven’t. In a long while, apparently.



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