Going On Holiday

Next Wednesday I’ll be heading down to Toronto for a couple of days, playing piggy-back to Todd’s work-related travels. He’ll be busy doing productive things, like meeting others in his field, taking seminars and schmoozing.

I’ll be busy doing non-productive, recharging things, like wandering down Queen street to see all the lovely shops, eating at places that serve food I can’t get at home, and taking in visuals for Spirit Cats, notably around the Kensington markets and the older Victorian homes.

I had hoped to visit the AGO, but it is still closed until sometime this fall. So I’ll be looking for inspiration from the city herself. We’re going to be staying in the Eaton Center Marriott, which means I’ll have ready access to the subway. We’re leaving around noon on Wednesday, should arrive by 5ish, have the evening, where I may just squander it in the mall itself, as I’ve never really explored it all that much. Maybe take in a movie. And then Thursday, follow Queen Street until my feet fall off. Maybe Kensington, if I make it that far.

Things I’ll check out will include visits to Bakka Phoenix Books (SF bookstore. Didja know Tanya Huff used to work there?) and The Paper Place (where they sell nifty paperish things). I’m also considering checking out the MOCCA, since the AGO is closed, and maybe if I get bored or too ahead of myself, will wander down to the Queens Quay and check out the waterfront.

I only have the one full day, and I want to pack in as much as I can. But I still want it to be restful and fun. Relaxed. Playful. I mustn’t over-commit myself or set my expectations too high, else I’ll come home tired and frustrated.

In the meantime, I’m on a private journaling glut. I won’t spam this place up with regular life-clutter.


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