An unexpected turn …

Well, not really, if you’ve lived in Northern Ontario for any length of time. After melting nearly all the snow with a week of high single, low double digits in Celsius, Spring, the lovely albeit flighty gal, is throwing a tantrum. Cold, freezing rain is falling, the wind is bitter, and fresh snow has filled in the cracks of the world where it hasn’t already slicked over with ice.

There will be no dog-walking in this mess, meaning I will have to put up with suckie-faces all morning. I’ve tried to head that off with giving both the animals wet food as a treat, to see if that keeps ’em content a while.

Wrote a couple of pages on Spirit Cat yesterday at work, adding that to the Candy Floss stuff I have about five pages to enter into the computer. I’m planning on heading over to the local coffee shop for a delicious Chai Tea Latte and free WiFi to do some typing – not today, of course, but on my days off. I also have to get around to my taxes. This is the first year where Todd’s asked me for my income to complete his forms instead of the other way around. Whoops.


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