It Needed More Green

Really. S’true. Everything needs more green. And, I decided, so did this place.

Just came back from an impromptu puppy-walk. Spring woke up and realized she had work to do, and is busy melting snowbanks, running ice-melt rivers through patches of built-up road sand, and growing grass around the edges of every lawn. Even our backyard, a mess of leftover apples, brush clippings and scattered autumn leaves, is showing signs of life – the rhubarb, as tenacious as any zombie, rises again.

You can stand to have the windows open, even at night.

Feels like you can breathe for the first time in months.

Pardon me whilst I luxuriate in all this spring for a while.

PS: The Torchwood finale and the season premieres of Battlestar Galactica and Doctor Who were brilliant. I watched them all last night and was so excited by the end of it I had a hard time sleeping. Doctor Who especially. Even when it involves little lard babies, it’s still brilliant. There isn’t a television show on in the world, past/present/future, that can make me any happier.


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