Freshly Squeeze Creativity

This is my first day heading into work on my own. I’ve decided to take the lazy way by taking the bus. If I time it right, I should still arrive a little early, enough to get a good seat and get myself set up for some creativity squeezed between inbound calls.

Grayson is obsessed with the new plant – but only when I’m in the office. He’s desperate to get outside, even ran out on me this morning at 6:30 am when I let the dog out. I feel the same. If I could will the snow to melt – and I do, every morning, with a fevered intensity that would make any natural telekinetic’s power erupt into being, a la Fire Starter – it would have been gone weeks ago.

Alas, I remain completely normal and snow-bound.

But it’s getting there. The pavement that’s exposed greedily grabs the sun’s heat and melts the snowbanks from underneath them. There is a freshness in the wind that tugs at the senses and the sun stretches out longer each day. It’s coming, and I have to be patient, which is something I’m not very good at.

Oh, and Script Frenzy and I aren’t on speaking terms. It thinks I’ve abandoned it and I think it’s being unreasonable. I’m hoping we’re going to meet up today to negotiate a non-aggression pact, and maybe a peace accord.


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