Last Touches

I’ve finished the imports. There was only a few things I had to move over manually, the dossiers (cut and paste and cut and paste) and one builder that I’d used for a short story. Turns out I was using the builder a little wrong – you can use it to write a chapter or a novel, scene by scene, and then build it into a document. Sort of. It suffers from too many ways to do the same thing, sometimes, and without either a huge investment of time or very clear examples of how to use the tool, every new book became it’s own experiment in how to organize/view/access/compile the collected data.

Regardless, it’s all ported. I’m going to stick with PageFour for the time being, while keeping an eye on LSB updates. Even created the Short Story folder. @whee!

I still have so much hard data to input from work. Making progress, albeit slowly. If I end up going into work really early, maybe I’ll bring the laptop.

Is it bizarre to daydream of being able to do this in an office space? Oh, my kingdom for a computer where I would be allowed to save notes to a USB stick.


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