New Programs, Old Programs

I shelled out the cash for PageFour but have played with it for all of 20 minutes since doing so. I received a bonus at work, so I figured I could splurge. I brought my laptop to work yesterday to play with it since I was going to be there an hour early anyways, but as soon as I arrived was pulled into a co-worker-hangout-thingie that ended that. And this morning I had every intention of puttering around with it, but our breakfast out with a pal followed with an excruciating 50-minute car wash adventure that ruined any happy mood I woke up with.

Now I’m home with an hour or so left feeling annoyed and defeated and rushed.

I’m also reconfiguring Twitter, which I swore off not two weeks ago, because Lesley’s joined up. *waves to Lesley* I’m being lame and creating a new ID there that matches this blog title/address. I figured, if I am starting again let’s start fresh. Of course, Twitter has me swearing a blue-streak as it rejects my password over and over. I wonder if it just doesn’t like IE, my comp, me, or if there is some server weirdness. Frustrating.

So, blah. Headache. Cranky. Todd bugged the hell out of me this morning like a 10-year-old ADD kid whacked out on caffeine. He’s lucky he didn’t get bludgened to death.

Meanwhile, I continue to be creative in the spare moments at work. Made many notes for Grave Robber and progress has renewed on Spirit Cat. When I will get them into the computer is anyone’s guess.


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