Power Reader!

Finished The Other Boleyn Girl tonight in another glut of power-reading.

The good? Very tight first person viewpoint that only wavered once, but then turned it around to make it a retelling from Anne to her sister. No endless discussions of every detail that would be irrelevent to a first person telling. Never stood still – there was so much history covered and you rarely got lost. She kept it clear and breathless. You’re not reading; you’re flying.

The bad? Anne becomes very, very evil while Mary becomes very, very good. Anne becomes a cartoon villain. And scene after scene where they end with something terribly prophetic being spoken amongst themselves, while strong at first, quickly lost its bite. It gets dull. It’s unsubtle.

Now I’m not sure what I want to read. I tentatively have picked up the second book in the Blood Ties series, but I’m waffling. I may need something “think-y” next.

Besides reading, I cooked. Not much else. I’m hoping to rectify that now, a bit of computering while Todd finishes off Heavenly Sword. And while I clank away at the keyboard, my tongue flicks against the sutures in my mouth where my tooth once was.


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