More fiddling …

Playing around with the font size on the computer. I’m going blind trying to read the teeny, tiny type. Of course, you can only select one of two settings for the font size in Vista, and it mucks up the teeny graphics when you choose the larger setting. Oh well.

Back to work today, which means hopefully some creative output. Weird how when I am at home, I do nothing, but at work I find all sorts of ideas that I have to commit to paper. What is it that they say about give a project to someone busy and they will get it done? Guess it’s the same for my mind – as long as it has something else it should be doing, it will happily play mental-hookie when I have a pencil in my hand.

A few more hiccups with LSB as well – which makes me nervous. At least all the files are rich text format, so worst case scenario I can rip them out, but it would still be an aweful lot of extra work.

Blarg. I don’t want to go back to work. And I want spring, dammit. I need it. Soon.


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