The Din In Here Is Crazy

Lesley wants to collaborate on a web-comic about something. With such a gigantic canvas, and no starting point, my mind went plonk. I flipped through some old ideas of mine, trying to see if anything would stick, but neither of us really went for anything.

Then she threw out a pink dragon named Candy Floss.

And I threw something silly back.

Then … wait for it … BOOM.

Suddenly I had this wacky dark humour/fantasy/comedy thing. And now we have this thing, not entirely sure of where it’s going or what it will be, but it’s code name is Candy Floss. After I came up with the “high concept” (hee hee – I described it to Lesley afterwards as the Cheez Whiz on Wonder Bread of fantasy ideas), I spent the next several hours making notes in between calls at work, and even rushing over to email her what I had during my break.

And so it goes.

Picked up another travel book, one for Japan, on the cheap from Costco, again, to do some mental mining for ideas/locations/items/scenes for Grave Robber, which is back in my head, while Spirit Cat percolates in the background. I’m spreading out again, which is good for my creative urges but not so much for actual productivity.

I also have to reinstall LSB from an old version, because the new release gummed up my laptop version. Thankfully I still have the USB one preserved. I hate having to fiddle.

(And, of course, my heart lept and leaped the other day when I manhandled a Macbook at Future Shop. There is something just so musical about the sleek, simple design of the thing, the effortlessness of use, and the siren song of Scrivener distant in the background…someday…someday…)


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