Foot In The Grave

I printed out all the notes I have for Grave Robber, wanting to re-read them and get inspired thanks to that new guide book to China. And did it ever – something I’d heard last year on the BBC that had triggered a “huh….interesting” nerve in me that I noted down as a possible story idea. I had left a note to myself regarding the idea in my Grave Robber files that maybe it could work in somewhere, and when I read it again for the first time in months it suddenly went SHAZAM! and helped me figure out what the hell I could do with my initial, weird, half-born concept for the book, written mostly on a self-dare.

Much pondering ensued. Best way to spend a work afternoon. *grin*

Also scribbling on Spirit Cats. A Scene fragment.

Lesley wants to do something collaboratively, a web-comic. Says she’s artistically blocked. I’m intrigued, but have no idea what to do. She wants to start online, just back and forth, but I would really like a face-to-face launching, with clipboards and pens and pencils and paper and cups of tea so we can jam together, artistically speaking. But she wants something now, not whenever our two schedules allow … damn you night shifts … so I threw out Todd’s perennial suggestion of Witches and Bitches, a paranormal thingie. Stuff to think about.

And Greyson has decided that hanging out on the shelf of my bookcase that has the ashes of the last two cats is the thing to do. Weirdo.


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