Snow Crash

Reading Neal Stephenson’s Snow Crash and wow…just wow.

Where the hell have I been the last twenty years? The book that gave breath to half of the stuff on the Internet these days and I never even knew it was there, divining it all two years before I even got onto the Internet, back when it was all text. Trippy, irreverent, and then all of a sudden immersing you in ancient Summerian myths and mind viruses and wow…just wow.

Today I plan on ploughing through it. While I’ve been enjoying it, I’ve been splitting my reading between it and a couple of other books, slowing me down. I want to finish it, read it all in one big sitting like a kid eating all of her Halloween candy the minute she gets home.

I also plan on getting my scene cards for Spirit Cats into LSB, maybe hammering out a short story idea that I came up with, whole cloth, on the way into work the other day (but I’m lying, I probably won’t write it … why? Afraid it won’t be as good as the picture in my head…a neurosis for another time), and I’ve bought a discount DK Eyewitness Travel Guide for China, not ’cause I’ll make it out there anytime soon, but because it makes me think/feel/imagine Grave Robber again. I need to review those notes, go back to it. Having started the work with the 2 Year Novel Writing Course, I came at it from an angle, only having a few shards of the story, kernals, really, a la Gabaldon, and then directed into world building. Which, fun, but made me drift from the story a little and let Wolf Killer take its place.

Anyway, back to Snow Crash.

(Can I once again bemoan the fact that my local Chapters, huge improvement over the Coles store I knew all through my youth that it might be, still has shelves filled without purpose, without an eye towards critically acclaimed science fiction and fantasy? Ah, another dream, to have that store, a Bakka for the North, where you can find, you can buy, you can be told about, the best to come out of the genre this week, this year, this decade, and so on.)


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