Feeling Better…But…

Not all the way back to normal, healthy me.

Wednesday left work early. Thursday felt better, but still out of it. Slept well enough Wednesday night that I have it a go at work. Thursday night I slept like ass, felt aweful all morning, then went to work to try and slog it out. Managed, but barely. Thankfully it was very quiet, lots of downtime between calls. I did get yelled at by a raging redneck who had paid twice through the automatic payment system and was now screaming at me to instantly refund his money (something that is impossible). While there are people out there on customer service lines that do want to deny people for the sheer pleasure of it, I am not one of them. If it is within my power to do it, I will – even if it means fucking up my call time by requesting floor support to see if it’s possible. I swear, there are days when I feel like I have the job licked, and others when I feel woefully unprepared.

Anyways…I have yet to explore much of the Online Writers Workshop site, nor post. Made a few notes last night in my feverish state, but have otherwise made little progress. I do feel better today, and hope to get some fun done.


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