Waiting on Wasabi

Todd, kilometers away, is being goaded into eating a golf-ball-sized hunk of wasabi paste. He is drunk, obviously, as are his fellows, and has emailed me for advice. I wait on pins and pixels to see his response.

A wee bit more on Spirit Cat, a bit of random-thought-stuff. A scene appeared. I noted it. Tomorrow I plan on sitting down with my notes and doing some proper brainstorming. Of course, maybe I aught to just let it grow on its own – maybe boxes and lines and quotas don’t help me. ‘Course, the only time I ever have finished anything big was with the quota, a la NaNoWriMo, so what do I know?

All I do know is that I’m sleepy, today at work went rather well, and soon I will have two days off in a row. My nights are booked, but my days are my own.

Oh well, to bed with a book, then. See you in the morning.


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