I’m getting twitchy.

Still reading “Writing in Flow” and I’m still percolating. I’ve done something naughty – I’ve dog-eared some pages in the book, but hey, I rationalize, it used to belong to me anyways (my name plate is still in the front cover). Very interesting stuff.

I’m also itching to join the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writer’s Online Workshops. I’ve felt for months now that I need to have my stuff reviewed, get feedback by other writers. I worry that I’ve scared Lesley off with my first novel attempt (though she really liked the fantasy story I sent), and I know she’s terribly busy, so I don’t want her to feel overloaded by my requests. Plus, they say critiquing others is one of the best ways to grow your own skills.

I’ve been concerned about the costs involved in membership, but I have to break it down:

  • If I was able to join the local writer’s guild, which meets once a month, alternating critique and speaker format, off for three months in the summer, for $20. When I tried to join last year, I never got added to the mailer and never had confirmation for the last few sessions. And in the past I found it to be … well, a bit of wankery, really. (I say “if” I could join, because right now my work schedule would prevent me from attending the meetings.)
  • The online workshop would be available 24/7, be focused completed on sf, not literary/mainstream/biographical fiction, would have access to professional writers & editors, has come highly recommended, but costs $49/year. I can try it out for 6 months at $30, or opt to pay monthly, only $6 each month. That would be more in the end then buying it outright. Plus, I have the first month free, to test the waters.

In black and white, the option looks pretty clear. There is another place on the web called Backspace, that I may try, but I think I want to try this one first.

More importantly, I think having a place to go to post my work, get those outside opinions, in a system where I must also critique in order to post that work, would create a natural feedback loop. It’s something I could work into my writing discipline as well.

Did a bit of writing on Spirit Cat again yesterday, but nothing entered into the computer. I’m getting a charge out of writing by hand, actually, when I use messy but free flowing pens. Seems like when I’m working with my more precise ball-points, I’m trying too hard to be neat, whereas with the ink I’m free to slide all over the place, not worrying so much. I figured out where Chatper Two will end, and what Chapter Three will be about.


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