Stealing Dreamtime

The best thing about working an office job again is stealing those spare moments to let my pen wander, just as it used to years ago in school.

Since I’ve started, I’ve come up with Yet Another Novel Idea (YANI – Trademarked) that has a character, setting and problem, one code-named The Ring Bearer (no, not a fuzzy hobbit one, something else entirely) and now a new one with the even lamer code-name Spirit Cat, which has a character and a setting, and only the vaguest hint of a problem.

I’m stealing the idea of code-names from Mur Lafferty, of I Should Be Writing fame (see right-hand links) because it wasn’t until Todd asked, “Hey, isn’t that what they called Frodo in LotR?” that I even realized a connection. And since I can’t think of anything else at the moment, Ring Bearer it will remain. So, no titles here, only Code-Names! (Sounds exciting, anyways, like a spy thriller.)

And of course, there is still the other ideas on the go, Grave Robber, Wolf Killer, my semi-retired The Sparrow King, and others.

Today I finally inputed the notes for Spirit Cat into my Liquid Story Binder program, and wrote about 675 words. So, yay!

Running Totals:
Spirit Cat — 675 words (out of what? I sense a novella or something in it so far…)


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