Today’s Utter Lack Of Work

After having the car broken into and my purse stolen this morning whilst taking the dog for a walk in Bell Park, my day, as you might imagine, was shot.  Any intent on writing new material, editing The Butcher, or reading from the wonderful Fionavar Tapestry by Guy Gavriel Kay has been sidelined for waiting outside my shattered car for the police to arrive, eating lunch by the curb as we awaited their return, trying to get a replacement car, looking through the neighboring bushes for the discarded purse, and hanging out at the police station.

Now, that sounds snarky.  It’s the headache talking.  What was good about today were the wonderful people of Sudbury, both citizen and officer alike.  Two women lent me their cell phone to call Todd and then the police, a man who had been napping in his van woke to find the car being burgled and the thief running away and then went on to drive around the neighborhood with police chasing the guy, and then a park attendent helped me clean up the glass from the car.  She told me about the recent break-ins as well as telling me that her partner had seen the same man running away but not knowing my car had been broken into.   The officers responded quickly, even got a few leads, one from a mail man who was working the neighborhood and saw the guy. They nearly caught the guy who had abandoned the purse but still had my iPod on him.  A female officer jumped him, he dropped the iPod, and got away after a chase. Still, she recognized the guy and went through their photos at the station.  The fellow from the van was called in for a photo lineup and arrived at the station while I was there to verify it was my iPod.  A lot of people helped me today, and for that I’m very thankful.  And a little less pissed.  :}

I’m still out a phone, my wallet’s gone, as it my big Fionavar book, but most dearly missed is my little moleskin idea book.  It did, however, have my name, phone number and email address, so I am hoping that if the wallet was separated from the purse, there is at least some contact information that may help the purse be returned to me.  They couldn’t get a fingerprint from the iPod because the protective rubber case soaks up fingerprints.  However, if not for the rubber case, it would have been damaged when he dropped it.

Ahh … the tylenol is kicking in.

The dog, meanwhile, had a wonderful day.  Squirrels and chipmunks and lake water and liver treats and all these strangers!  She had fun, at least.


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