Yesterday’s Work

Still working on The Butcher.

I’ve decided to change up the vampiric ‘tells’ that were part of the first version of the story, discarding media ones and going for the more obscrure historical slavic/ukrainian legends.  I will move a scene around and I’ve changed the local where the big event happens – originally I had in mind a near clinical, meatless, 50s style butcher, but instead I’m going Old World.  I dug out some of my Culinaria books that feature the food of different regions in Europe to get some pictures of what butcher shops over there look like – and some of them look like they are circa 1500 AD, but in the good way.  

And on a related note, after going through my books the other day, I plugged the name of the writer who penned the first science fiction books I’ve ever read, Monica Hughes, into the Internet Science Fiction Database.  She wrote the YA novels Crisis on Conshelf 10, and the Isis Trilogy, books I still own and hope to pass on some day.  She died in 2003.  I was surprised at how much it saddened me, considering that I read the books nearly 25 years ago.  She was the author that got me reading speculative fiction.  While she was not my first foray into adult-sized and aimed genre reading, I wonder if I would have found my way there without her.  

So, a belated thank you to Monica Hughes, wherever in the universe she now resides.


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