Book Ends

I suppose, as Todd says, that I should be grateful. Before our trip to Vegas, he and I were hit with a Norwalk-ian flu that kicked my ass pretty hard for a week and allowed me just enough time to recuperate before heading out. Since returning, we’ve both picked up head colds and last night was pretty miserable. Todd started showing signs on the drive home from Toronto, and I picked it up the next day. My illnesses are the bookends for my Vegas Vacation, which was good enough that we are toying with the idea of heading back in the beginning of December, when the packages are cheap, and getting married there proper.

Maybe. We’ll see.

The trip itself? Glorious. I’ll try to be more descriptive in my next entry. Right now, the dog is giving me sad-faces – she wants to go for a walk. It’s been so quiet for her since coming back from her vacation at Lee and Shelley’s (with their two kids, dog and cat) that I think she’s a little bummed).


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