I live!

And for the first time in three days, living does not require a barf bucket.

I’m certainly not 100% – I still feel light-headed, occasionally nauseous, and damn tired – but I seem to have regained basic control over my intestinal system. I had a half-cup of mini-wheats with lactose-free milk and have, so far, kept it down. I plan to try more at lunch.

I’ve decided not to go to the Writers Guild meeting tonight (no point infecting others, and since I picked it up from Lee & Shelley near a week after they were clear of it, I don’t want to take chances with others). I haven’t received the e-newsletter, so I emailed the only contact name that I had. Oh well. There’s still one more meeting in April that I’ll be able to go to before I head out in May.

I’ve also called about my bloodwork and with luck will be able to go out tomorrow to have it done. And then … hopefully … a new level of thryoid that doesn’t absolutely suck.

Is time for sleep now, yes?


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