Not for the squeemish …

I have been hideously sick the past two days.

We have these friends, Lee and Shelly, who we visit regularly. They have two small children, great, rambunctious kids, but that also means that they get colds and infections regularly. And since Todd and I go over regularly, we, specificaly I, get sick whenever they have gotten sick, even if we go to visit after the infection is over.

The week previous, they had canceled on us, because Lee was stll reeling from the bug they caught. Vomitting, Diahrea, etc.

So we went to visit this weekend, and sure enough I picked it up, too. It didn’t hit me until midnight Sunday, and I spent from then to 7 am vomitting uncontrollably. It leveled off during the day, when I tried to sleep (something I have been unsucessful with the last month or so anyways) but most of it was spent, restless and shakey in bed. I tried eating some yogurt around 9:30, but threw that up an hour later. I only had water and, later, tea, on the advice of my health nut friend Suzanne. It did calm my stomach, hallelulia.

Todd has been mercifully spared.

I did sleep last night, hurrah! And haven’t thrown up since I started on the tea. But when I got up to shower, I felt dizzy, weak, so I have gone back to bed with an apple, half eaten, and more water. I drank more water yesterday than I thought possible, but it was absolutely imperative, else I would have been dry heaving all that time and that would have been worse.

I have never been that sick, or thrown up that many times, ever in my life. And may I never be that sick again.


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