Totally NOT Writing Related, But Interesting! UPDATED

Wednesday Night: It’s garbage night, and Todd’s taking out a bag of garbage and the recycling box. While he’s outside, he sees the Police in our back yard. Turns out they had been chasing someone through the laneway that runs behind our house and the others across from us. They asked that if we see anything, like a jacket, to give them a call.

Now, you have to keep in mind that since we’re on the bottom of a hill, with the road rising on each side of us, we’re collection area for trash. Anything that might get discarded by hand or out of a car, anything that gets torn out of a trash bag, and anything that flies out of a recycle bin ends up in our back yard or drive way. All the time. It’s damn annoying.

So, seeing the stray piece of garbage isn’t a suprise. You get to it when you can and that’s that.

We saw, Thursday and Friday, a little blue square by the front of the back steps. Never had a hand free, so left it.

There were also lumps in the snow that Ginger was digging up, and I’ve suspected before that since she will partake of frozen poop, perhaps she had found some frozen urine, too, as it was a pale yellow color. 

Saturday Afternoon:  I notice that Ginger is digging around with some new garbarge. It looks like a Dorito’s bad, red and silver foil, torn in large pieces. I mention it to Todd as he heads out, and he goes to fetch it with a plastic bag.

Comes back, gets a ziploc bag, and goes back out. Comes back in again and says, “I think we’ve got crack in our back yard!”

And also, keep in mind, that I’ve never seen, first hand, any drug paraphenelia. Or drugs themselves, for that matter.

We called the poice, feeling a little weird because we had called them a couple of months ago when we had found an oddly shaped bone in the back yard, something big enough to be human. It wasn’t, and we told them that when we called, but we figured it would be good to be sure ’cause you never know.

There were thirteen odd little ziploc bags, blue backed and see-through on the other side, one inch by one inch, and big chunks of the stuff that started to break down as the day wore on. We called around noon, then called back around 6:00 pm, getting a more prompt reply that time.

Tall, big fellow arrived first, took one look at it and confirmed it was, indeed, crack. We waited for the Drug Guys to show up, and the three of them patrolled the backyard for the better part of an hour, finding more baggies and warning us that we will likely find more. It was all over the backyard and belonged to the fellows who had been through the yard on Wednesday. Too bad they hadn’t come out earlier in the day, they might have had better luck searching before dark. Guy said each little baggie was worth about a hundred bucks, so $2,300 in baggies and who knows how much they would have fetched for the blocks once broken down. Said they know who did it, and they were surprised that the guys had so little on him when they caught him.

Anyway, here it is: crack2on9th.jpg

I’m more worried about the dog than anything. They said it’s not water soluable, so it likely wouldn’t hurt her if she did eat it (and I know she was playing with for several days now), but I’m concerned about whatever fuckers are running around in the back of the house when she’s out there! Yet they told us not to touch it, because it can be absorbed by the skin. Too late for me, as I held it up not really believing the chunks really could be drugs when we first found it. No affects, though, save a headache that was rather spectacular this afternoon, but that’s likely all me.

I found it wonderfully ironic that it has the The Caduceus of Mercury printed on the backside of the baggies.  May I never see another blue baggie. However, the cops said that it’s likely we may continue to find these until the snow melts.  Hopefully baggies then, not rocks.  I’m still worried that Ginger will get sick.  

What a Saturday, eh?

Edited to add:   Sunday!
The picture should work now.  Plus, we’ve found, oooh, another bunch of rocks now that it’s daylight.  About half as many as what we had in the above bag.  It’s surreal – we literally have a ziploc bag of crack rocks hanging off of our fridge.  We’re going to do another check and then call the drug guy back to pick up the rest.

Edited again to add:  Yeah, we have the same number of rocks as yesterday now.  @whee!  Hello Mr. Police Officer!


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