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They are a great bunch over at Forward Motion.  I hope someone can give me some advice and quick, before my head explodes.

First Draft Done – now, revise? chuck?
I’m having a crisis here.

I’ve finished my first draft of my first novel. I began it during NaNoWriMo and finished it over December and January.

Since then I’ve been ‘editing’, and by that I mean reading it chapter-by-chapter at an agonizingly slow speed. I’m trying to follow Holly Lisle’s One Pass Edit and I’m only halfway through, which is ridiculous. I have no time restraints at the moment and no excuses besides laziness and fear. 

I waver between hating it and thinking it’s not bad for a first try but needs a lot of work.

Right now, I’m in full-scale loathing mode. It bores me. It embarrasses me. It’s stressing me out. 

Yet at the same time I see nugguts here and there of goodness, and know (perhaps, feel) that I improved over the course of writing the draft.

My problem: Do I just shelve it as a first try and get on to the next book, or do I edit it through, and by doing so will learn as much about editing as I learned about writing when I wrote it in the first place?

Ugh. I am so depressed about this it’s not even funny. 

Advice? Suggestions? What did you folks do with your very first book?

(Edited for missing pictures!)


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