If only I was at a high enough level for those spells to work.

First day on the new meds, though I don’t expect to notice anything yet. I’ve had a bit of breakfast (english muffins, three-citrus marmalade, globe grapes and two cups of English Breatkfast tea) and packed, ready to go. Watched yesterday’s Coronation Street and watched the snow come down in furious waves.

Lesley’s co-workers were freaking her out yesterday about the driving conditions.  And, true to form, we got all the snow they promised. Don’t forget the freezing rain in Toronto, too.


But we have all day to get there, so I’m not worried. She’s taken the morning off, so there is aboslutely no rush.

In the meantime, I’m trying to be mellow. March will be mellow. No more freaking myself out. Ride out the low dosage, get my sleep, get back to work when I come home recharged from Ad Astra.

I’ll be computer free until then, so have yourselves a great weekend!


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