Little Bitsies

Edited one chapter, even finding one scene that I really, really liked.

This morning was spent on errands.  Bloodwork first, which will necessitate a call to my Doctor to see if he will adjust my thyroid down based on the results.  It feels like he’s going to have to – I’ve not been sleeping, my headaches are back, itchy, nervous, anxious, mostly ’cause I’m worried about my neck again.  Blargh.  Still, I was digging around on the thyroid websites to see if my symptoms matched for hyperthryoid, so it seems likely.  And he felt nothing during the last exam.  So … I know, I have to just relax about it.  Anyways, it was slamming busy at the clinic, wall-to-wall seniors.  One woman had to leave before she had her tests done, else she would be late for her doctor’s appointment.  After the needle, it was grocery shopping and related driving around.

This afternoon I took the chapter I was working on out of the binder, and sat down in my papasan chair, away from the laptop.  Sitting there with nothing else in front of me really helped.  I made it through the chapter in about an hour and know that tomorrow I can probably get two done in the morning and two in the afternoon.  After today’s, I took the dog out for a walk around the block (where she turned down a cookie from a nice lady … cookie snob!) and then came back to work on Liquid Story Binder.  It’s not adapting well to Vista, but some of these errors may be unrelated.  I had to chase down and re-import my files.

Nice thing about Vista:  The search tool built into the Start Menu.  It’s fast, works on fragments, and found me exactly what I was looking for.

Nice thing about LSB: Their files always save to RTF format, which means even if the program is permanantly buggered up, I can still read the LSB files in any program.  Sweet.  The developer has just released a small update and a large update will be coming out in March.

Right now, I’m going to sit back with a tall glass of water, a tylenol, the laptop and Nacho Libre.  And the 3-Day Novel Writing Contest show at 10:00.

I know … the incredibly varied and stimulating life I lead.

Two days until Ad Astra.  Cory Doctorow is gonna be there!

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