Bizarre Things To Feel Guilty About

I’ve taken up the 50 Book Challenge (seen here at ) and I am somewhere around seven I think.  I’m currently reading a Toronto writer, picked up from the library because I saw her name on the Ad Astra panelist list, Stephanie Bedwell-Grime .  Her book, Fallen Angel is the second in a series, but I seemed to have enough of the gist of it to give the second book a go.

But it’s so boring.  Oh my god.  It’s a slim volume, only 200-odd pages, and the first half of it, not kidding, has involved the main character angsting about her condition as a fallen angel, her love affair with a human man (with his ‘model looks’), and worrying about everything.  And seeing weird apocalyptic happenings in her home town of Toronto.  You get descriptions of the Quay, of down town, of the parks and the parties and oh, is that a she-demon wandering around? Let’s chase her aimlessly for a while and talk about how incredibly sexy she is even with her horns and studded tail.

And nothing happens.  They (the M.C., boyfriend, and she-demon) are about to go after Lucifer in an admitted (by the M.C.) pointless  gambit.  

And I want to stop reading it.  

I should have been finished by now.  Even at 200 pages, the text is large and mostly dialogue.  I just can’t be bothered to care.

But then I think, “You’re already committed!” And then I add, “Besides, you can learn something from a bad book.”  And also, “Plus, she’s going to be at the Con!”

I wonder if she wrote this after the first one did well and was asked for a sequel.  It’s written in a really breezy, bouncy way that could make for a good, fast read if there was stuff happening that made you turn the page.  Or maybe it relies on the reader being terribly invested in the angst the character is mired in.  I don’t know.  It appears that most of her other books are romance and that there are no more Angel books.  

Perhaps I should just take some confidence from this – at least once my line editing is done, stuff is happening in my novel.  

The next book on my list is the Night Watch by Sergei Lukyanenko, a Russian book recently translated and also made into a big-budget Russian movie also translated and sent abroad.  Movie was very cool, as I find all cross-cultural horror stuff to be, simply because I lack the background to be able to predict what will happen next.  

Yeah, I’ve talked myself into it.  Sorry, Bedwell-Grime!  I like your first name, but I can’t finish this book. 

(Four days until Ad Astra!)



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