The editing is going slowly.  Too slow.  I don’t know if it’s a matter of being lazy, being skittish, or being bored with my own work.   I’ve settled on an editing plan and I’m on Chapter 9 (of 21).  Good god, some of it’s crap.  I really wish I had listened to the voice in my head (one that has echoed everything I’ve read elsewhere) that said, “Don’t give it to Lesley until you’ve edited it once.”  That said, I know there are bits, sometime sentences, sometimes paragraphs and sometimes even scenes that I kind of like.  I haven’t gotten to many of them yet, but they are there, and I know more are coming.  

I think – this could be a persistent delusion, who knows – that I got better over the course of writing the book.  They say the first million words you write are just practice.  With the manuscript and with the notes, histories, world-building, I may have reached 10% of that number.

I wonder if I’m not the type of writer who can just push through a draft at cyclone speed and come out with something I feel good about working on during the editing phase.  Or, perhaps, I’m just not all that clever.  🙂

I do feel better about approaching the next project, and I do believe that I will better be able to outline my project, knowing what I need now that I’ve written one.  Then again, I get the neatest stuff during my writing exercises, which are totally random ideas springing from a prompt.  I still have a lot of fear about writing.  I have this idea for a short story that I really think could be damn-spiffy but I’m terrified of trying, of ‘ruining’ it.  

Which is so utterly stupid.  I know.

More to come …


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