This entry will be back-dated, as I cannot write it from my computer. After a couple of weeks of twitching, the hard-drive that runs windows has gone bust. Todd thinks that it’s simply a case of corrupted files – it died after a reboot that followed a Scan Disk – but we won’t know until the weekend if that’s the case. He’s going to pull out both drives, plug them into the server PC, and see what’s what. If we can’t fix it, we’ll hopefully be able to get the data off the thing.

My writing is fine – mostly. I have all my fiction stuff on the thumb drive along with Liquid Binder, so that’s safe. Non-fiction stuff, though, is on the main drive, as are all of my CDs and a ton of downloaded fantasy and sci-fi pictures that I’ve gotten from Epilogue, deviantART, and

And my newly organized bookmarks are also only on the desktop PC. I’m going to upgrade to IE7 on the laptop and when I get a chance to access the data, I’ll get a copy and import it here.

It’s funny when my old laptop was the one running more swiftly, before the final crash.

I had cleaned it up a good deal, erasing tons of junk, and deliberately not installing the latest internet browser or importing my Favorites. Now it looks like I’ll need to, as this PC will be my only access to the web for a while.

Edited Chapter Three and nearly all of Chapter Four yesterday. I’ll finish the latter and do Chapter Five today. It’s slower going than I thought it would. And this is only the read and note-taking stage. I haven’t re-written anything yet, though I am looking at adding bits and pieces here and there and thinking about the story as a whole.

And I’m tired. A few days now of feeling tired and waking up a half dozen times each night.


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