Chapter One

I am finally getting back to work on Sparrow King. I have the binder, with every chapter printed out, double-spaced, and inserted between divider tabs. I have an empty box of crackers and a drained ‘chubby’ can of Pepsi sitting next to the manuscript, above and to the left, and a stack of ruled paper with notes made in pen. One sheet per chapter, though as it stands I’m only half-way through the first chapter.

Oh … the sucktitude.

For each chapter, I’m making a note of each scene’s word count, the P.O.V. character, the list of other characters that occur in the scene, and important notes, such as “there is no information here telling just how far apart in time these scenes are from one another – fix!” For little things, grammar and word changes, I note directly on the print-out in red ink.

The upside is that now that I’ve finished the thing, when I read these scenes I can see what’s lacking and better envision what’s taking place, knowing where it fits in to the general storyline. It’s bad, but it’s first draft bad and at least that means I have something to work with, something to improve.

I’ve purchased Liquid Story Binder, and will begin importing the novel into the program soon. You should see the document folder I have for Sparrow King – some twenty odd files that were hard to navigate and use. It will be so nice to be able to integrate all that data and expand on it.

Meanwhile, I feel terrible – tired and sore and irritable and having a hard time focusing. For that I can thank, in no particular order:
* Grayson, who spends all night trying to worm his way under the covers, into my hair, or across my neck, normally only getting difficult at 6:00 AM but this time getting into it at 4:00 AM, keeping me up until after 5:30 AM,
* Pepsi, because I don’t drink the stuff anymore and it whacks me out in brand new uncomfortable ways, and
* My period. Yeah, like y’all needed to hear that, eh? Sorry.


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