One Week Later …

(Oh, you fucking bastard LJ! You ate my post!) 
(mutters and composes herself) 
Where does the time go? 

Out with daily updates, unless I am writing and this past week I was not writing. Sure, I’ve started a short story and have a handful of other ideas I am playing with, I’ve an exercise to get posted for the 2YN project before Saturday, and I haven’t even touched Sparrow King (too worried). 

However, on the plus side:
1.  Watched a very interesting show on the CBC called Planet Earth.  It’s a BBC production in HD that profiles areas of the world; this particular episode featured the plains of the world.  This is a primary location for Sparrow King, as are the mountains, which reminds me to see if I can download that eppie.
2.  Watched a very interesting show on National Geographic about the smithing of samurai swords.  While I don’t have such swords in Sparrow King, weapons and new technology are a big part of the story, and seeing their kilns and furnaces will be a great aid when I go back and do the revisions.
3.  Made great progress through my comprehensive grammar workbook.  While I’ve breezed through the first half, the second half is showing me just how much my grade school and high school education utterly failed me when it comes to grammar.  Upside is that through reading I’ve developed a pretty good ear for how it sounds, but my lack of knowledge regarding specifics and terminology means that when I have done something wrong I either don’t recognize it or don’t know what it is I have to fix.  (I had a Grade 6 teacher tell my entire class that if we didn’t know how to spell yet, we never would, and then threw out that portion of the curriculum. Fucker.)
4.  Bought a new desk, one without a hutch and offers oodles of work space.  Now I can have multiple reference books laid out while I’m working, and have room for a cat and my cup of tea.  I spent all of Monday – and I do mean ALL – putting the desk together myself.  I’m terribly proud, but it was quite a workout.  Gave the old desk to a friend, and know it goes to a good home.  It was a nice little desk, but too small to do anything but surf the web.

Unfortunately, I buggered up the computer.  The desk is heavy, and somewhere along the way I pinched the network cable and K.O.’d it.  Now I’m on a somewhat unreliable network card that bottlenecks downloads and will kick on and off at its discretion.  I spent Tuesday in fits because I couldn’t get anywhere.  I’m also experiencing audio/visual trouble – videos are glitchy and my audio is a wreck … not sure if it’s the new speakers (though that wouldn’t affect the video playbacks) or if I’ve jostled something else.

And now I am lusting after a MacBook, which is way out of my league until MAYBE next fall, post-Esnagi.  *sigh*

Todd and I are also planning a winter holiday!  We’ve got one of his Dad’s timeshares, so it looks like we’re heading to Vegas for a week, sometime in April. 

Today I’m house-keeping, but with books.  I have two books that are due back on the 29th, and I want to be done them by then.  One is a how-to book, so I know I can finish that, but the other is Michael Stackpole’s A Secret Atlas, first in a series.  Fuck, I want to set it on fire.  Too many P.O.V. characters that do nothing but act as talking heads, dumping endless cultural, historical and political information.  I listen to his writing podcast, and find it very helpful, but his book is killing me.  I never take this long to read something.  It’s like what happened with Holly Lisle’s Talyn. I didn’t like the characters and there was a lot of infodumping, though it was better handled than A Secret Atlas has been. And yet I really respect her and her advice on writing.  So, I have my tea and I’m ploughing through the book.  It’s harder, still, knowing that I have this stack of wonderful books waiting to be read, all promising to be much, much better.  Asimov, McCaffrey, Butler, Vance, McCullough … *sigh*

Edit: Fixed some typos, but I also want to add that while the books don’t do anything for me, I do appreciate and enjoy the world-building.  The information could have been handled better, but they are both really nifty.


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