The Business End of a Hole-Punch

Hole-punching fun! It’s in the binder now, every chapter separated by a numbered divider.

Another day of relaxing, though I’ve picked up another grammar book and started to work my way through it. This one deals with weak writing; I know I’m a fiend for passive voice, so this is quite necessary before the revision.

Tomorrow will be more of the same, homework like the above and planning out a dual system for the second draft. I need to approach it from both a holistic view, in the sense of plotting and pace, and from the down and dirty chapter-by-chapter revisions of spelling, grammar and substance. I’ve painted the broad strokes, and now I have to see if my overall composition is alright and then get in there to do the detail work. Probably a little backwards, but I wrote the book from a very general outline, expanding as I wrote. For novel #2, I plan on a more detailed outline, sussing out more stuff beforehand.

Also joined the gym! I spent an hour on the treadmill today, listening to a few podcasts. Great fun.


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