Anything But Finished

A whole lot of not writing. Perhaps two hundred words. I’m so damn close to finishing the draft, but I’m waffling and allowing myself to pursue distractions.

Didn’t help that I took the dog to the groomers, wiping out the afternoon. Got three SF books for less than $2 each at the big sale at Chapters, including one by Jack Vance, while getting a newer dictionary/thesaurus combo (my old ones were from 1990). Sweet. I did spend an hour at the library, picking up two books and reading them for a while until I was chased out by a teenage slacker. I was sitting in a lovely seating area set up like a living room away from home. I had the single chair and the teenager came in, bearing a heavy backpack and a plastic bag of groceries, and took the loveseat next to me. He geek-laughed when he saw my Superman t-shirt, and then fetched a pair of mangas from the shelf. Then he cracked open a can of pop and a bag of cookies. Ugh. Then he started reading, putting the manga right up at he base of his chin, cookie above it to catch the crumbs. Oh, and the muttered running commentary as he shifted positions. I left before he could open the jumbo bag of ketchup-flavored chips.

At night, we had the guys over, and I spent some time working on my 2YN course material while we ate pizza and watched a movie. I went with my ‘Grave Robber Plunders Own Tomb’ idea and got some great sparks off of it, at least for the background. Still not quite sure how to work in the ‘Own Tomb’ bit, but it will come.


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