Current Tally

Total word count: 78,460. I’ll be writing this afternoon, though.

Yesterday’s total output was 3,029 words, and today I’m nearly at a 1,000 words, even with the Temptation Blocker.

I’ve come to the realization that I’m in the story’s home stretch. All my characters are heading to their final showdown, I’ve got the first battle (and last) battle between armies, my Main Character going head to head against my Antagonist, and the the reunion after its over. I might even finish it within Chapter 20.

Of course, this leaves me far short of my 100,000 word goal (though I might be able to squeek by with 90,000 words). However, once the draft is done, I have to go back to figure out what I’ve missed, what I must invent/add, and how I can improve it so unlike most first drafts mine will be expanding instead of shrinking.

(Later that day, @ 9:56 p.m.)

Today’s words: 1,440
Total word count: 79,091

I’ll be putting in some hours on the weekend.

For now … sleep!


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