Finishing Up Early

Today’s words: 2,105
Total word count: 74,139

And finished early, too! It’s not quite 2:00 pm, and for me that’s excellent. Finished Chapter 18 and started Chapter 19. I had about 1,500 done before Todd came home for lunch.

The kitten has been on a cute-rampage, playing with string, bouncing off furniture, carrying on. Most of this occurs within a three foot radius of wherever I happen to be at the time. I have a few claw marks in my right thigh from where jumped, ‘prey’ in his mouth, from chair to me. He’s even crawled up to my shoulders a couple of times, purring away. However, between him and Ginger, it’s been a wacky sort of work day.

The rest of the day will go as follows: take the dog for a walk, catch up on some podcasts, work on Holly Lisle’s language clinic and try to watch the season finale of Torchwood. God bless the BBC and all those happy BitTorrenters over there!


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