Over the 70,000 Word Mountain

Today’s words: 2,057
Total word count: 70,031 (!!!)

I was getting worried there … self-sabotaging coupled with Todd’s afternoon of as the New Year approaches. He actually tried spending some of the afternoon with me, sitting in my papasan chair while I ‘worked’. Instead, I didn’t work. At least not on pounding out words.

I did some mind-mapping: this felt terribly geeky and childish, until it started coming a little easier. I had tried a little last night, but only really enjoyed it today. It’s a technique that I want to explore.

I also figured out my outline to the end of the book. I was thinking three more chapters, but I’ve moved the dividing line around a bit so that it is five chapters, around 4,000 each as a rough goal. This may change, but the action itself is planned out. I know all my remaining scenes, and that feels good, since I’ve been groping around a bit; I knew were I was going, I just connected some of the dots.


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