Slow Progress

Today’s Words: 722 words
Total Word Count: 61,158 words

Less than stellar, but I finished Chapter 15, started Chapter 16. The new Chapter and Scene are sticking me … I’ve added something new, and frankly, I’m waiting to pick up Todd and head out for the night after picking up the car so he can enjoy his Christmas Party. Also picked up my brother’s keys for my Christmas pet lizard feeding duties. Dog Walk. Very distracted, overall. 

Tonight we help my parents pick out a new TV (their present to each other), and then head out to a friend’s place. 

Tomorrow I’ll have to write what I can in the morning, as [info]copperain will be joining me for a day of festivities and gaming. Woot!

I think next week I’m going to head out to the library for a few early morning writing session. I have to get away from the Internet! 

And come up with an alien character for tomorrow’s game. MEEP!


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